Student affairs;

Cultural Center
Erdogan AKDAĞ Congress and Culture Center is active since 2012. Bozok University Bazaar Building is in service of our students to make all social activities possible.

There are two libraries, including university faculty and the faculty library is active.  Despite being very young, the faculty library has more than five thousand books and thousands of electronic resources on the social and religious issues.
University Library consists of different collections. General Collection: Libraries consist of different collections. Mainly Turkish and English, including other foreign languages, ​​library has books in  the areas  of the astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and engineering, politics, economics, art, philosophy, religion, history, literature, psychology, sociology. This collection was arranged according to the Library of Congress (Library of Congress) Classification System (LCC). All the resources can be borrowed in the general collection.

Internet connection is available in all the rooms of the teaching staff. In addition, information-process unit four computers are available to researchers. This unit has two laser scanner and two printers are open to service. Students' computer courses are available for a separate laboratory which is equipped with 20 computers.

Indoor gym serves for university students and staff. Primary and secondary school students are also benefiting from the gym. In the gym, basketball, volleyball, indoor football and table tennis activities are carried out. Every year students of the Faculty of basketball and volleyball tournaments are held.

Life in the Campus
A central dining hall and cafeteria, dormitories for students, medico-social center are located in the campus. In addition to the state-funded scholarships for our students, the Bozok University Foundation, Association of the Scholars of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Bozok and non-governmental organizations provide several scholarships. The university supports the student council and student clubs for their sportive and cultural activities. The Bozok Bazaar in the campus provides students all the needs. In the Bozok Bazar a market hall, hair salon, barber shop, bank, 7 shopping stores, a post office, a restaurant are located. The Culture and Congress Centre of the university is the biggest cultural center in Central Anatolia. The center is home to large organizations.

Guidance Sevice of the Faculty of Theology is consultative body established to find solutions to students' psychological, financial, family, and school adjustment problems. In this guidance service, mainly is processed by the faculty members, serves to students in daily hours.
The faculty members in the Counseling Service listen, discuss, advice to the student.

Student Communities
Each year "Faculty Assembly" will be established by the students of the faculty in which each class has a representative. The Foundation aims to press magazine for the senior students, and coordinate students’ activities in the faculty and the university. Also it organizes graduation celebrations, voluntary jobs at the faculty.
Besides these, students can join various communities operating within the university. From these communities "Irfan Cultural Society" is established after the initiative of the students of our school.

Canteen, cafeteria
Cafeteria is indoor areas. Here, all hot and cold drinks and fresh food products are sold. Smoking is prohibited in and outside of the faculty campus.

Food court
There is a private faculty food court.
Housing and Scholarship Opportunities
Faculty Students, can stay in the dormitories “Higher Education Credit and Dormitory Institution” located next to the main campus and can stay in the dormitories belong to private foundations in the center city.

Campus Life
Faculty resting area, garden and cafe, library, computer center and gym are often the places student spend time.

Graduation and Job Areas
Graduates of theology program can work;