Our Goal
Goal is a mission. The goal of the establishment of our faculty, training students who can be employed in the area of Religious Education and Religious Service, who have outstanding qualities and have ability to fulfill these tasks with the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. Although the language of instruction is Turkish, Arabic compulsory in preparatory classes will be taught and some elective courses can be taken in English and Arabic. In this four years education degree program our faculty aims to train scholars who (are);

Our Ideals
Ideals, is to dream and to design the future. It is a vision. This is a picture of the future, is to build dreams can that be realized. Prudent is the art of seeing the unseen future.
Our faculty’s goals are;

When we become realistic, when we balance the facts and the dreams, when we provide our faculty members, who will carry out the ideals on their shoulders, to move freely, when we share our duties, when we bound to our values we will have reached to our ideals.