Bozok University Faculty of Theology was established on 13.09.2010 . The faculty building was built on 12.22.2011 by the philanthropist businessman Mr. Bilal Şahin. Founding dean of the faculty is Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bedir.

The faculty has taken its first students in the 2011-2012 academic years. There are two undergraduate programs active in the faculty. Those are: Theology program and Religious and Moral Education program. Education duration is four years for the Religious and Moral Education program. In the Theology program, in addition to a compulsory preparatory year (Arabic) students get four years education.

Students who fulfill the fundamental courses can make double major and minor programs in the other faculties of the Bozok University. Also our faculty offers MA and PhD programs in the area of the “Basic Islamic Sciences” and the “Islamic Art and History”.

Faculty building is located in the main campus (Erdogan Akdag campus) of the Bozok University. Within the faculty there are 12 seminar rooms, two large lecture halls, offices and a conference room. A brand new “application mosque“ is located next to the faculty building.