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The goal of the establishment of our faculty, training students who can be employed in the area of Religious Education and Religious Service, who have outstanding qualities and have ability to fulfill these tasks with the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom Students who keep at least 2.50 GPA in the department can take double major degree by taking courses from the department of theology.


A- Theology

Candidates have to at least a high school diploma and sufficient score on Higher Education Examination ( YGS)".

To obtain a bachelor's degree in theology in the program students must take compulsory and elective courses ( a total of 240 ECTS credits) and successfully complete all of 4.00 overall GPA must be at least 2.0 .

In this four years education degree program our faculty aims to train scholars who (are); committed to the national and spiritual values, love for the nation and their professions, adopt the ideal to be altruistic to the nation and the humanity, have ability to analyze and synthesize problems and be systematic in scholarly issues, faithful, cultured and virtuous. In the field of religious studies Faculty of Theology undergraduate and graduate level education and research programs. Click here for more information .



B- Religious and Moral Education

Bachelor's degree program in the Department of Religious and Moral Education is taught in every Faculties of Theology in Turkey. Our department is founded in 2012-2013 and started to admit its first students in 2013-2014 Fall semester. Students need to fulfill 150 -credit degree in order to graduate from the department and are awarded to be Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Teacher. For more information, please click here.

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